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Small Group - Adult

Small groups foster the ability for closer more intimate relationships of growing and gleaning from each other by experience, knowledge, and various backgrounds. Small groups will consist of 10 to 12 people and can be mixed or gender specific (male or female only). Also in small groups different cells of evangelism can take place together or as a single group unit, which are both great ways to spread the gospel! Whatever your level of knowledge there is a place for you to fit in. 

Strength 1:Open groups are outreach friendly and a proven tool for multiplication. Strength 2:They help group members stay focused on evangelism and encourage regular prayer for unbelievers.

Strength 3:They allow for greater flexibility within a small-groups ministry.

Young Adult and Children's Groups

Young adult and children are very important to the life of a church and to this world. Just like the adult small groups the children and young adult groups will be more age specific as to keep maturity and learning on the same level. Lime Hill offers age groups including nursery through age 2, age ​3-K, 1st-3rd grade, 4th-6th grade, and 7th-12th grade. Having various adolescent age specific groups will help to do quite a few things:


It promotes their eternal happiness, it helps them make sense out of life, it’s their best chance to accept Christ in their fragile stage of learning, it helps avoid some negative outcomes of sin, it can help them learn to love others, it helps them to begin to understand how to make and keep relationships, and it encourages them to want to come to church in a world that demands their attention. These are but a few of biblical standards we must instill in our children to help them mature in Christ. 

Bible Groups

At Lime Hill we have small groups just as Jesus did. In this setting there is an intimacy that is fostered. Everyone is studying the same material and have the same opportunities to grow in the Lord. Currently we have adult mixed groups, teenagers and younger groups available. There is something for everyone so get plugged in!
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